Check out our ambitious plans: as we go, we’ll tick the points until we’re there. What next? More daring exploits!

  • 0% Crazy money stuff going on

    To get the right jumpstart, we need some solid boost. Now, we're talking a few angels into working with us - so far so good! As expected, we'll raise the needed amount by next month.

  • 10% NFTs are being minted

    That’s where art becomes a part of the digital world. We wrap it like a gift in a nice and pretty NFT shell to make sure the soon-to-be owner is happy about everything.

  • 25% Getting into your eyes and ears with the promo

    The hype starts building around our NFTs. People get to know our top drops and exclusive features, and the word spreads all over the place

  • 50% Quality control team points our Interactive perks go livet improvement opportunities

    Remember the NFT game we mentioned? Time to launch it! Now, you can try it right here and on our partner website - come visit and don’t forget to tell us what you think.

  • 75% Time for the main sales round

    Too much waiting would be tiresome, wouldn’t it? So, at last, the sales are officially open! Hurry up: the limited collection gets sold out faster than you say “Shut up and take my money!”

  • 100% Pat on the back for all of us – and let the new journey begin

    Wow, that was fun! This time, it took you just 2 days to reach sold out. We should do that again, and we’ve already started on our next project. Stay tuned!